Christian Counseling in Eden Prairie, MN

Welcome to West Metro Christian Counseling MN! If you think your marriage, your kids, someone you care about or you need Christian counseling – you are at the right place. Scott Steinbarger MA, LAMFT provides Christian counseling therapy in Eden Prairie, MN to individuals, couples and families. Scott is Bible-based, professionally educated and trained as a licensed associate in marriage & family therapy specifically. This is Christian counseling that gets results. Conveniently located West of the Twin Cities by I-494, US -212 & MN-5. Schedule now.

Professional & Affordable Christian Counseling West of the Twin Cities

As health insurance costs and coverage continue to change, it can be more difficult to find professional counseling that is affordable. The same is true for Christian counseling in MN. West Metro Christian Counseling chooses to be affordable regardless of coverage. Limited mental health coverage (relationship therapy is seldom covered) or high deductibles and co-pays are no problem. Schedule here.

Why Christian Counseling?

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32
Christian counseling uses wisdom and solutions from the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit. Instead of relying on a counselors opinion, Christian counseling relies on God’s grace. The world’s flavor of the month may change. Scripture, God’s power and God’s love do not change, and continue to give freedom and joy to billions. Schedule now to begin healing the whole person – body, mind and spirit.
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My Approach to Christian Counseling

I believe therapy is a process. My goal is for you to live the victorious life in Christ, purchased at the cross. This is rarely an instant process. It takes God’s grace, collaboration and hard work. Confronting your challenges may make life harder before it becomes easier. Freedom and change takes courage! I can not do the walking for you, but I will walk with you. Click here to schedule your Christian counseling appointment in Eden Prairie MN.
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